In the army, do you only need to follow orders or do you also have to listen? Uncover what determines the quality and efficiency of your workout.

Often in the gym, due to the lack of attention from the trainer (if there is one of course), radical convictions or some tips that you might have been picked up looking through a mag, people decide to train themselves, thinking that they will be carrying out the exercises in the best way. Practically speaking though, this ‘road’ doesn’t offer too many chances of getting the best results because a wrong way of doing an exercise could frustrate the real motive for which we are doing that exercise in the first place, heightening also the risk of hurting yourself in the meantime. That which counts as knowing how to lift weights in the correct proportion or even doing a repetition race. The difference is HOW you do that particular movement (technique), of how much you can call upon the muscle that you are interested in, at how good you are of limiting the use of the other muscles, those muscles that are called upon to indirectly participate on the movement.

In short, the fundamental aspects to look for are:
> Great mental concentration (if you are only partly concentrated the activation of that muscle will be minimal or even non-existent);
> Choose the right weights for your capabilities;
> Synapses; connect the central nervous system (brain) to the interested muscle, sending it a priority message;
> Do the correct mechanics, the right lever or simply the best angle for our body to activate that or those muscles in a better way;
> Breathe correctly until you have the right amount of oxygen for the muscles, breathing out at the force stage (push/pull) and breathing in at the negative phase (return/active recuperation).

This is the only way that you will be able to concentrate and diffuse adequately the various ‘districts’ of the body, obtaining concrete and incisive results.

The best solution for adopting these small but SUBSTANTIAL DIFFERENCES is with the use of a professional, you will then be able to acquire the propaedeutic and correct input to then be able to operate on your own. In fact an experience with the Personal Trainer shouldn’t be just for getting some kind of aesthetic results but also for that which can be learnt; technical and educational knowledge that can be used wherever you are!