Situated at the base of Monte Bianco, here is the first personal trainer and osteopathy centre that is capable of satisfying every need. In captivating surroundings, studied down to the smallest of detail making sure that the space and functionality of the innovative equipment makes this Club a one off experience. Inside we find a series of services such as the Health Corner that offers the clients fresh fruit, dried fruit, green tea, coffee and alkaline water. This is because we believe in treating our clients to a stress free experience rich in pleasurable sensations.


All services that the club offers

We don’t like taking things for granted! This is where your change starts. 1) BIA 101 Bioimpedenziometro Akern allows you to obtain a detailed analysis of your body’s composition. 2) ARMBAND is a device that analyses your daily calorie intake and basal metabolism when resting. 3) WEIGHING IN Omron the intelligent scales with vertical bioimpedance. 4) PLICOMETRO is a device that calculates the amount of body fat present. 5) CIRCUMFERENCE is a simple but very important reference for evaluating the loss or gain of localized inches. 6) iPOSTURE by using a squared up mirror we can analyse the lines, axis and planes of your body. 7) BLOOD TESTS, ENDOCRINE- HORMONAL AND INTOLLERANCE ANALYSES in collaboration with the Chemist. 8) SEMI-AUTOMATIC DEFRIBRILLATORE all of the staff at iPersonalTrainer are fully trained in the use of emergency intervention if needed.

For healthy post work-out snacks on a daily basis you can find: 1) FRESH SEASONAL FRUIT Bananas, Oranges, Grapefruits, Apples. 2) DRIED FRUITS Almonds, Walnuts and Hazelnuts. All organic produce.

1) ALKALINE WATER Alkamedi that we call ‘healthy water’, a water that partially substitutes the alkaline factors generated by some types of fruit, vegetables or drinks that are based on natural ingredients. During training and protein based nutrition the acidic levels rise at a very high rate, thus, through the use of this waters potential we are able to return the body’s acidic levels to the norm. In substance ALKAMEDI splits the waters molecules making it bio-chemically unstable, guaranteeing a higher recessive produce of radical liberals; this means more oxygen to the tissue, cleaning our body of the impurities generated on a daily basis by external stress. 2) GREEN TEA Chun Mee this green tea gets its name from the shape of the leaves that are rolled upwards, it has also been called precious eyelashes. Originally from Jiangxi its leaves offer a pungent odour of Chinese prunes and its golden yellow liquor is dry, rather astringent and bitter. Selected by those who love the strength of Gunpowder without having the Tabaco notes present. 3) CAFFE’ Organic one dose capsules of roasted coffee, ground and confected and packaged in a protective atmosphere. It is sweet and round to the taste, rigorously mixed with alkaline water.

Powered by ERBOLARIO 1) Deodorant spray, 2) Body and face cream, 3) Hair gel, 4) Cleansing milk, 5) Make-Up remover, 6) Cotton buds, 7) single use Shaving set, 8) Shaving cream, 9) Shower gel.

1) Perfumed Fitness mat, 2) Eucalyptus refreshing wipes for during and after exercising (Spring-Summer), 3) Sterilized bath robe, 4) single use Slippers, 5) Luxor Shower gel * Tomake the post work out moment even more relaxing each shower uses a chromotherapy effect.

Defined as an alternative medicine aimed at replacing the general equilibrium of the body, its functions and wellbeing, through specific techniques and manipulations. During the week, every participant will benefit from 3 osteopathy treatments bringing the body back to perfect harmony. (A service considered as being an extra).

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iPersonalTrainer™ Aosta
Via Garin 1, 11020 Aosta, AO (Italy)
Orari di apertura: 08.00 – 22.00
+39 345 3225826

What they say about us

Io ho iniziato un percorso il 10 febbraio scorso … dopo che in molti mesi pesanti mi ero lasciato andare … Il 1 giugno avevo perso 40 kg … All’inizio queste novità alimentari e questi accorgimenti misti a delle regole..
Andrea Frambosi, Leggi tutto
Un grazie a tutto il fantastico staff per la professionalità, l’amicizia, il supporto e la grande pazienza avuta durante il mio percorso con voi…. Ho avuto alti e bassi ma alla fine un gran risultato…
Lara Valentini, Leggi tutto
Persone competenti che grazie ad una eccellente professionalità mi hanno da subito rimesso in piena forma, fisica e mentale! Mi mancava solo il mago, le avevo provate tutte, ma solo grazie a loro ho risolto…
Claudia Marchi, Leggi tutto
Devo ringraziare tutto lo staff di iPersonal mi hanno fatto capire tante cose di me hanno lavorato sia dentro e fuori il mio corpo ora sto percorrendo un percorso che mi porta giorno dopo giorno a star bene
Luca Raffa, Leggi tutto
Quando vedi che da una cintura con 5 buchi l’hai sempre portata al penultimo (dalla punta) e ora sono costretto a fare un 7º buco dopo aver già fatto il 6º vuol dire che ne hai persi di cm.
Ciro Carbone, Leggi tutto
sono passati 3 mesi da quando ho iniziato questo percorso e oggi ho visto il mio “Prima e Dopo”. Non ci potevo credere, un cambiamento eccezionale, mi sono emozionata tantissimo nel vedere i risultati ottenuti
Elena campagna, Leggi tutto