About us

iPersonalTrainer is a company that stands out from the others with its services, methods and exclusive locations, always striving towards new innovations and perfection. iPersonalTrainer is made up of a very professional close knit team, all of whom have their own special abilities and various fields of expertise, all working together to guarantee the very best results possible. With iPersonalTrainer your body will become a very high performance ‘engine’ that is capable of finally reaching your health and beauty objectives. Using accurate tests we will establish the correct training and nutritional courses for you, thus improving your psycho-physical wellbeing in its totality!  Change. Now you can.™

Stefano Sorbino
Stefano SorbinoCo-Founder / Creative Director
Based in > Freelancer / Lugano
Matteo Pizzi
Matteo PizziCo-Founder / Chief Administrator
Based in > Rimini mare
Enzo Borrelli
Enzo BorrelliCo-Founder / Sales Executive
Based in > Freelancer / Lugano
Federico Lepore
Federico LeporePersonal Trainer / Club Manager Rimini Mare
Based in > Rimini mare
Sara Di Nardo Di Maio
Sara Di Nardo Di MaioPersonal Trainer
Based in > Rimini mare / Cattolica / Lugano
Ismael Mrani Alaoui
Ismael Mrani AlaouiPersonal Trainer / Osteopata / Club Manager Aosta
Based in > Aosta
Luigi Salvemini
Luigi SalveminiPersonal Chef
Based in > Rimini / Cattolica / Freelancer
Gianni Morbidelli
Gianni MorbidelliFormer Formula 1 Driver / Managing Director iWellnessClinic™
Jury Chechi
Jury ChechiOlimpic Champion / Testimonial-Educator iWellnessClinic™
Dott.sa Liliana Sanchez
Dott.sa Liliana SanchezDietitian / Nutritionist
Based in > Rimini / Cattolica / Freelancer