An ambience that is too acidic is an obstacle for the correct functionality of the organism, generating bad intestinal absorbance, bad digestion and an overload of the organs, responsible for eliminating all of the excess acid that our body has; without under- evaluating that excess acids, through time they stimulate the growth and spread of tumour cells. Let’s start off by recognizing acidic foods to alkaline ones (the basics), to make sure that everything works adequately, not just on a daily basis but long term in an effort to have a long life and keep illnesses at bay. Every type of complex carbohydrates, like all animal proteins, in part vegetable ones also, all belong to the acidic category. This is why Hyper-protein regimes (often used for slimming purposes) bring to mind the saying ‘all smoke but no fire’ in such that they work only for as long as the body can support such a force; consequently, we then see the start of a series of side effects that, in fact would obstacle the slimming process. Therefore, the excess of acids, associated with the abandon of important nutritive components, would take you back to your original eating habits thus putting back on the weight that you have worked hard to lose, often adding even more. Follow another consideration, regarding the biochemical reaction to mixing things together; the best formula for putting foods together in a functional and intelligent way is that of always putting an acidic food together with a basic one (example, Chicken Breast and red cabbage). Also, using fruit and vegetables (above all acidulous as they are more alkalizing) and drinks of high properties, for example green tea, we can actively contribute in maintaining unaltered the physiological acid-basic equilibrium of our body.

Now let’s have a look at which foods are alkalizing:
> Vegetable (especially raw);
> Sour Fruits (if not associated with complex carbohydrates);
> Sweet Fruit (preferably raw and not blended);
> Fresh low fat yoghurt (preferably organic);
> Honey;
> Soluble and insoluble fibre; > Almonds (the only dried fruits that are alkaline);
> Sugar cane molasses;
> Green tea.