Breakfast makes up a fundamental role of our alimentation, it is the first ‘metabolic push’ of the day. Substantial and complete of all the micro-nutrients, this meal will allow us, thanks to the morning timeframe and circadian rhythms, to insert without any fear whatsoever every form of carbohydrate as simple or complex as you like. This doesn’t mean abusing sugars or even mixing up improbable nutrients, however through an intelligent and thoughtful process (taking into consideration your daily needs also) we can control the levels of Glycemia in the blood without generating insulin peaks. Plus we also have before us the entire day to consume any type of energy font that has been introduced into our system, therefore, if you are part of the general Italian habit, break your habits and start eating like a lion at Breakfast rather than at Dinner time!

Just as a stove has constant need of firewood, our metabolism constantly needs food (healthy) to consume calories. In substance, the more we can limit those holes during the day the more we can maintain our accelerated metabolism. On the contrary, fasting for many hours would make our body ask for a higher quantity of food during principal mealtimes (above all at Dinner) with the risk of voraciously absorbing the meal consumed. This could generate not only heaviness and indigestion but also a retention of liquids and increase of fat. Recent studies have actually demonstrated that 8 daily meals guarantee a metabolic rise in speed in front of others who only had 5; now, thinking of introducing all of these snacks as well as our principal meals goes against the frenetic rhythm of the society of which we are a part, however, in the meantime we can add a snack during the morning and another in the afternoon. The first is ideal for an energetic need (based around simple sugars or ‘good’ fats) whilst the second for nutrients for the muscles and fibre (protein based).