Test and Safety

This is where your change starts. 1) BIA 101 Bioimpedenziometro Akern allows you to obtain a detailed analysis of your body’s composition. 2) ARMBAND is a device that analyses your daily calorie intake and basal metabolism when resting. 3) WEIGHING IN Whitings the intelligent scales. 4) PLICOMETRO is a device that calculates the amount of body fat present. 5) CIRCUMFERENCE is a simple but very important reference for evaluating the loss or gain of localized inches. 6) iPOSTURE by using a squared up mirror we can analyse the lines, axis and planes of your body. 7) BLOOD TESTS AND URINE ANALYSES in collaboration with the private clinic Nuova Ricerca in Rimini. 8) SEMI- AUTOMATIC DEFRIBRILLATORE all of the staff at iPersonalTrainer are fully trained in the use of emergency intervention if needed.

Healthy Beverage

ALKALINE WATER Alkamedi that we call ‘healthy water’, a water that partially substitutes the alkaline factors generated by some types of fruit, vegetables or drinks that are based on natural ingredients. During training and protein based nutrition the acidic levels rise at a very high rate, thus, through the use of this waters potential we are able to return the body’s acidic levels to the norm. In substance ALKAMEDI splits the waters molecules making it bio-chemically unstable, guaranteeing a higher recessive produce of radical liberals; this means more oxygen to the tissue, cleaning our body of the impurities generated on a daily basis by external stress. 2) GREEN TEA Chun Mee this green tea gets its name from the shape of the leaves that are rolled upwards, it has also been called precious eyelashes. Originally from Jiangxi its leaves offer a pungent odour of Chinese prunes and its golden yellow liquor is dry, rather astringent and bitter. Selected by those who love the strength of Gunpowder without having the Tabaco notes present. 3) CAFFE’ Organic one dose capsules of roasted coffee, ground and confected and packaged in a protective atmosphere. It is sweet and round to the taste, rigorously mixed with alkaline water.

Healthy Snack

For healthy post work-out snacks on a daily basis you can find: 1) FRESH SEASONAL FRUIT Bananas, Oranges, Grapefruits, Apples. 2) DRIED FRUITS Almonds, Walnuts and Hazelnuts. All organic produce.

Comfort Line

1) Perfumed Fitness mat, 2) Sterilized bath robe, 3) single use Slippers, 4) Luxor Shower gel * To make the post work out moment even more relaxing each shower uses a chromotherapy effect.

Courtesy Line

Powered by ERBOLARIO 1) Deodorant spray, 2) Body cream, 3) Face cream, 4) Hair gel, 5) Cleansing milk, 6) Make-Up remover, 7) Cotton buds, 8) single use Shaving set, 9) Shower gel..

Eucalyptus Towel

For a pleasurable fresh experience, these essence of eucalyptus wipes can be applied to the skin, on various parts of the body, during exercising or even on the face during the assisted stretching phase (momentarily available in only the Rimini and Lugano Clubs during Spring and Summer).

Technical Apparel

For all of our students: the active Les Gèomètries line, on offer in the iPersonalTrainer Clubs, can also be purchased on-line or by direct order. The technical running apparel and fitness footwear can be bought at the Living Sport shop in Rimini with a special discount offered to all iPersonalTrainer clients.